Boldly Japan (Softbank) is expanding it’s autonomous shuttle network in Sakai Town

Great news for all fans of autonomous & electric Shuttles. Boldly Japan (part of the Softbank Group) has announced that they are expanding the shuttle network in Sakai Town.

Sakai Town has been operating an autonomous bus in the town since November 26, 2020, traveling a total of about 6,500 kilometers and being used by a total of about 3,100 passengers. BOLDLY is in charge of operation work in addition to performing the work necessary for driving an autonomous bus, such as selecting and setting operation routes, collecting 3D map data, setting obstacle detection sensors and vehicles. BOLDLY confirmed the effectiveness of the operation system of the self-driving bus built in cooperation with Macnica, Inc., which is in charge of vehicle maintenance, through the operation for about 8 months. We will continue to work to further improve the quality of service in the operation of self-driving buses.

The cars being used during the operations are by French autonomous shuttle maker Navya.

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