Friday, August 12, 2022

France 2030: Macron announces 800 Million Euros for Robotics

The France 2030 investment plan will devote 800 million euros to the robotics sector, Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday.

This include 400 million to manufacture these robots which integrate artificial intelligence , Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday while visiting the Siléane group in Saint-Etienne. .

“To reindustrialize France”, “we need to robotize, to digitize our industry, to catch up with this delay”, declared the Head of State in front of the employees of this French company of “adaptive robotics”.

Investing in this sector avoids relocating to low-cost countries, he insisted.

The France 2030 plan will devote 400 million to help the production of robots with on-board intelligence, with a first call for projects in the coming days, as well as 400 million to “support the transformation of industrial sites which are going massively towards the intelligent machine, ”he said.

“We are going to help the deployment of a real industrial transformation which will make it possible to reindustrialize France, rather than looking at the solutions of 30 years ago”. “Nostalgia is not a good counselor,” he continued.

Siléane, one of the companies that could be helped, employs a hundred people and achieves a turnover of 20 million euros, in a robotics sector where France is lagging behind both in use and in the manufacture of robots.Play Video

Siléane produces intelligent robots, which condition infusion bags for the medical field or which manage nuclear waste. They are designed to adapt to unpredictable situations.

The Head of State unveiled on October 12 an investment plan of 30 billion euros over five years to develop industrial competitiveness and future technologies in France.

After Siléane, Emmanuel Macron will go to Montbrison, on the site of an industrial wasteland in the process of being rehabilitated to accommodate housing and shops, a project supported by the recovery plan which makes it possible to avoid artificializing soils.

The Head of State has planned to make a series of visits in the coming weeks, in particular to factories, to publicize the France 2030 plan, which is projected over ten years. One way to occupy the field while all his political opponents are preparing for the April 2022 campaign.

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