Pony.ai Begins Self Driving Public Road Testing in Shenzhen

Pony.ai announced that it has received a permit to conduct road tests in Shenzhen,China. This permission enables Pony.ai to begin public road testing in Shenzhen, marking a significant milestone for the company’s newly-opened Shenzhen research & development center.

With the addition of Shenzhen, Pony.ai is now testing Robotaxi services in China in an ODD of approximately 300 square miles.

Pony.ai now has autonomous driving public road testing permits in all four Tier-1 cities in China, making it one of the first self-driving companies to have this capability.Tweet this

With the addition of Shenzhen, Pony.ai has now launched autonomous driving tests or service operations in a total of seven cities in China and the U.S. It is also one of the first two companies to commence autonomous driving tests in all four of China’s Tier-1 cities.

Since 2017, Pony.ai has accumulated millions of autonomous real-world road test mileage, with extensive hardware and software development experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and California. Pony.ai’s autonomous vehicles have thrived in complex driving conditions, including heavy urban traffic, complex road and tunnel layouts, extreme weather, and thousands of challenging scenarios, all of which underscores the company’s state-of-the-art technological capabilities. Shenzhen adds to this robust driving environment.

“The successful autonomous driving tests will pave the way for Pony.ai to introduce Robotaxi and other technologies in Shenzhen”

James Peng, co-founder and CEO of Pony.ai.

Pony.ai hopes to launch Robotaxi services for the general public in Shenzhen in early 2022.

Pony.ai’s testing of autonomous driving vehicles across diverse traffic scenarios at a meaningful scale strengthens the company’s ability to provide safe and reliable autonomous driving globally.

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