Thursday, August 11, 2022

Presto partners with Ottonomy for Autonomous Curbside and Parking Lot Food Delivery

Presto today announced a partnership with technology startup Ottonomy, allowing Presto customers to utilize autonomous delivery vehicles for contactless curbside and parking lot deliveries. 

Guests can order and pay using Presto’s touch or voice products and receive food delivered via Ottonomy’s vehicles. The partnership reflects Presto’s commitment to finding innovative solutions to the labor shortage challenge being faced by the restaurant industry.

Curbside orders have seen a significant increase in volume over the past few years. However, the rise in digital sales has also created significant operational and financial challenges for restaurant management, especially against the backdrop of the ongoing labor shortage. A

ccording to a recent study, 50% of restaurant operators are planning to deploy automation technology to fill labor gaps.

“The ongoing labor shortage is preventing restaurants from maximizing the revenue potential of digital channels…. Restaurants often partner with third-party delivery channels, which can have a significant impact on net margin. In partnership with Ottonomy, we can enable restaurants to become more agile in managing staff deployments and associated costs.”

Rajat Suri, Founder and CEO of Presto

Ottonomy’s autonomous delivery vehicles will allow Presto customers to deliver food items to guests at the curbside, parking lot, and beyond. Ottonomy’s proprietary technology helps its delivery vehicles navigate seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor environments using 3D Lidar and multiple-camera mapping with no human assistance.

Decentralized vehicle-to-vehicle communication with situational awareness allows the delivery vehicles to navigate crowded environments, making them one of the most advanced solutions available in the industry today.

“At Ottonomy, we are committed to bringing anytime, anywhere deliveries to the restaurant industry….Combined with Presto’s exciting offerings in conversational AI, computer vision, and integrated touch, this partnership can enable restaurants to boost their efficiency and serve guests with greater efficiency.”

Ritukar Vijay, CEO of Ottonomy

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