Thursday, May 26, 2022

Seegrid partners with Applied Intuition for warehouse robot simulations

Seegrid and Applied Intuition have reached an agreement to collaborate on creating 3D virtual warehouses, factories, and distribution centers in support of accelerating advancements in autonomous technology for the material handling industry.

The partnership involves a significant investment by Seegrid and will enable Seegrid to quickly validate product innovations in more environments and use cases across the supply chain than feasible with manual testing.

Seegrid launched several new robot models in 2021 including the company’s newest AMR, Palion Lift, which the company says is “the only autonomous lift truck in the market with industry-leading 3D perception”.

Applied Intuition, founded five years ago, recently raised $175 million in its Series D funding round, bring the total amount raised so far to $350 million, and is valued at $3.6 billion. The company specializes in simulation tools that deliver “high-fidelity simulation modeling to comprehensively test and rapidly accelerate autonomous vehicle development and deployment”.

“Applied Intuition’s platform simulates a wide range of environments, layering in different conditions to safely pressure test next generation ideas in autonomous vehicle technology….Manufacturing and distribution facilities are a complex, highly dynamic operational design domain – we’re thrilled to collaborate with industry leader Seegrid to help enable the rapid acceleration of the growing AMR market.”

Peter Ludwig, CTO and co-founder of Applied Intuition

Jim Rock, Seegrid’s CEO, says: “Consumer demand and a shrinking labor force are putting pressure on nearly every industry, and in turn, putting pressure on AMRs to effectively and consistently interpret and respond to ever-changing situations.

The two companies, heavily focused on and recognized for creating safe and efficient autonomy solutions, will also co-develop advanced simulation features and environments to support use cases unique to supply chain mobile automation.

The collaboration is a development effort from Seegrid’s Blue Labs, the company’s research and development team dedicated to quickly identifying new automation technologies for their leading global brand customers in logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing.

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